Maritime Hydrogen Highway Work Package 6

Safe marine carriage

While assessments for safety are not intrinsically innovative, the approach being taken to use the case studies to help create ‘score cards’ or ‘traffic light’ tools for any port, inland waterway operator, terminal operator or local council to use is significantly beneficial to the safe and rapid adoption of clean fuels.  It will increase the potential for the supply to be met partially from sea to land.

Lead partners: The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Port of London Authority (PLA), OS Energy, Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), University of Birmingham, Air Products, University of Strathclyde

Using a scenario-based approach for hydrogen to be transported into the Port; its conditions; storage conditions and capacities onboard incoming ships and at the Port; arrangements for ship-to shore transport; arrangements for bunkering. The approach will allow for the identification of hazards and potential safeguards to apply to alternative scenarios.