About Maritime Hydrogen Highway

Sea, Land and Port Smart Integration of a Hydrogen Highway

A ground-breaking three-year, £2.1 million development programme. It is looking at the scope to establish a national hydrogen highway network, integrating land, sea and port. The elements making up the programme will together form a comprehensive picture of hydrogen network potential.


The programme comprises six Work Packages covering energy diversity research, trialling hydrogen power generation for vessels, establishing the business case for marine transport of hydrogen, ship design and health & safety requirements.

It runs from late 2021 to autumn 2024.

Maritime Hydrogen Highway aims to support the development of clean maritime technology, in line with the Government’s strategic vision for the future of the maritime sector Maritime 2050.


The objectives of the Maritime Hydrogen Highway programme are:

  • to test, model and develop smart, safe and economic solutions for:
    • offshore hydrogen production
    • transportation of hydrogen into urban and port areas
    • autonomous vessel solutions to maximise the efficiency

    in order to demonstrate these solutions in the future

  • to develop and demonstrate the safe and effective use of hydrogen as a source of energy in a constrained maritime site
  • to produce scalable UK wide solutions from lessons learnt in the project with appropriate frameworks to adopt clean fuels and smart technology to keep the UK ports and maritime sector competitive in a growing worldwide market.

Data sharing
The programme will provide opportunities for fast-paced, comprehensive development of knowledge, shared through the publication of reports and hosting of events.

Tools, checklists and models will be developed at the end of the programme for wider use by operators, ports, investors and strategic planners in order to develop successful, safe and integrated routes for the adoption of zero emission fuels in UK ports and coastal waters.


There are eight organisations participating in the Maritime Hydrogen Highway programme.
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